Cut and Paste Pre-Roll | 1g

Indica THC: 18.87% CBD: 0.33%
Photo of Cut and Paste Pre-Roll | 1g

Made with top quality Clean Green Certified full flower, Pruf Cultivar pre-rolls have no trim, no additives, just cannabis in its purest form. Expertly ground, rolled, and packed to order for optimal freshness.

LINEAGE: GG4 x Stiletto (Genotype 5)

FLAVOR PROFILE: Glue, Fuel, Mineral


A beast of a plant, this Glue leaning hybrid hit 4.75% oil content. Smoldering tar pits and a rich mineral odor lingers heavily. Still, it’s terpinolene dominant, and we see a rare occurrence of pinene and ocimene as the next highest peaks. This is no ordinary glue. This one is not going to go gently into that long night. But you might.


  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy