FlowerHouse | AJ Sour Diesel | 5pk Prerolls

Sativa THC: 21.21%
Photo of FlowerHouse | AJ Sour Diesel | 5pk Prerolls

Dating back to 1996, AJ’s Sour Diesel is a highly-coveted, clone-only strain preserved by the legendary cultivator Joe Murray (AKA AJ Sour Diesel). The REAL Sour is unmistakable, with a skunky, herbaceous aroma accompanied by an invigorating explosion of sour citrus and heavy gas. This sativa leaning hybrids infinite popularity is due to its powerful cerebral effects and mental stimulation.

SOUR Premium whole flower pre-rolls are made with whole flower – NEVER shake. Flower is milled and cured to an even consistency for a smooth and slow burn, then rolled in 100% natural paper with no dyes, chalks, or burn additives. Quality you can trust, exclusivity you can feel.


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