Magic Number

Ginger Beer w/ Live Resin | 50mg

Hybrid THC: 50mg
Photo of Ginger Beer w/ Live Resin | 50mg
Photo of Ginger Beer w/ Live Resin | 50mg

Sweet and tart with a nice ginger aroma and a spicy kick, our ginger beer is made with freshly juiced Peruvian ginger, cane sugar, lime juice, a pinch of cayenne and clove. Delicious straight, it’s also a superior mixer for zero-proof cocktails. A great option for customers that don’t drink alcohol.

Whether you’re up for a day on the river or down for a night on the town, Magic Number’s all-natural single strain live resin sodas, in a variety of strengths for different experience levels, provide a uniquely magical quenchalicious experience.

And the resealable tops help keep the drink fresh and carbonated for multiple servings.

100% all natural, nothing artificial and never distillate. Brewed in Bend, Oregon since 2014.

Experience how much faster cannabis beverages hit than regular edibles.

Dosing Information:
10 servings per can
5mg THC per serving
Serving size 2.4 Tbsp (35mL)


  • Calm
  • Energetic
  • Happy
  • Relaxed