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Head & Heal | Tincture | (THC:CBN:CBD) Sleep – 300mg

Indica THC: 300mg CBD: 600mg
Photo of Head & Heal | Tincture | (THC:CBN:CBD) Sleep – 300mg

A blend of three different cannabinoids formulated to naturally promote deep and restfulsleep.Ingredients: Organic MCT oil, cannabis extractPrecise-dosing information for every bottle is included on the side of each box. Simplymeasure out your exact dose and drop directly into your mouth 30 minutes beforebedtime to promote a healthy sleep cycle and wake up feeling refreshed.Head & Heal makes sustainable, functional cannabis products to elevate your experience. Ourproducts are precisely dosed with specific cannabinoid blends to support you through whateverlife brings.


  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy