Hepworth Pre-Roll Bubble Fritter 5pk

Indica THC: 23%


Photo of Hepworth Pre-Roll Bubble Fritter 5pk

Ignite your clarity and concentration with our meticulously crafted pre-roll pack, carefully curated to enhance your mental acuity and sharpen your focus. Each pack contains two precisely rolled 0.5g joints, designed to provide you with a boost of cognitive clarity and productivity whenever you need it. Our Focus cannabis category is tailored for those seeking heightened concentration and mental acumen, and these pre-rolls are your key to unlocking your full potential. Crafted from strains celebrated for their cerebral effects, this pack is your companion for a journey to enhanced attentiveness and cognitive sharpness. With Hepworth’s Focus Pre-Roll Pack, you can enjoy the convenience of pre-rolls without compromising on quality or potency. Harness the power of your mind and embark on a journey of heightened focus and mental clarity with every purposeful inhale.

Photo of Hepworth Pre-Roll Bubble Fritter 5pk


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