MFNY | Hash Burger | Live Rosin 0.5g Cartridge

Photo of MFNY | Hash Burger | Live Rosin 0.5g Cartridge

“The MFNY live rosin vape has a high terpene profile of our single-source, in-house produced Hash Burger live rosin. This solventless extract showcases the strain’s naturally produced cannabinoids and terpenes, such as Farnesene, Limonene, and Myrcene bring about a sweet yet spicy and lemony nose, finished off by notes of woody pine and fresh flowers. Hash Burger will calm your mind, relax your body, and leave you ready to lay down. No distillates, added flavors, or alterations.

Comes in a 510 Cart with recommended battery settings 2.8 – 3.3V. Do not vaporize live rosin at higher temperatures, as it can “burn off” the precious terpenes and aromas we are working hard to preserve; higher temps can also cause an undesirable “burnt” aftertaste. Vape cartridge contains concentrated live rosin oil that is heated by a battery and vaporized for inhalation. These products are very potent and are designed to be consumed in 2-3 second puffs.”


  • Calm
  • Clear Mind
  • Focused
  • Relaxed