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Ruby Farms Elderberry Sage 20pk 100mg

Indica THC: 100mg CBD: 200mg
Photo of Ruby Farms Elderberry Sage 20pk 100mg

“Ruby Farms – Cannabis Infused Vegan Gummies With CBN & Zinc “”NIGHT CAP”” – Elderberry Sage

Our Vegan Gummies are meticulously created for the health-conscious individual who values

convenience and adventure. Each flavor is deliberately crafted, pairing our high-quality

ingredients with specific cannabis terpenes to deliver a luxurious and sophisticated taste


These artisanal treats are more than just delicious – they’re superfoods, rich in essential vitamins

and nutrients. These gummies are a perfect blend of health, flavor, and ethical sourcing,

catering to a refined palate while supporting a active lifestyle.

Elderberry Sage:

Elderberry sage dream gummies were formulated for a tranquility and positive vibrations. The

300mg of CBN paired with 200mg of CBD and 100mg of THC make these the most potent sleep

gummies on the market. Thoughtfully blended with immune boasting elderberry, with small

amounts of sage, a sacred plant know for clearing negative energy and promoting inner peace.

Paired with our Hindu Kush live resin blend.”


  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy